April 27, 2017

Digital Innovation Institute ending operations

The Digital Innovation Institute will be ending operations effective June 30th, 2018. We would like to thanks all the students, clients, faculty members, and anyone that helped us over the past six years. If you have any questions about the Digital Innovation Institute and the projects developed over the years, contact the Computer Information Technologies Program Director, Ed Suniga, at sunigae@lcc.edu.
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Innovation in Education

The Digital Innovation Institute strives to work on the cutting edge; assisting organizations, entrepreneurs and students to be competitive with the use of our creations. The primary philosophy of the Institute is to support innovation in teaching and learning. The impetus behind this is to shorten learning cycles, create risk-free environments for complex tasks, and ultimately enhance the development of education and workforce development training all while retaining the newly developed talent in the Midwest region.


Creation of enjoyable, educational applications for modern learning. 


Development of customized learning tools in a virtual environment.


Bring your creations to life with the latest 3D printing technology. 

Our Learning Model

Here in the DII, we use the Problem Based Case Learning Model to engage our students.




The PBCL approach enables educators to design scenario-based learning situations based on current and authentic problematic situations encountered at local businesses. By bringing real-time, real-world business needs to their students, instructors can significantly minimize the barriers that typically separate the classroom from the real world.


To learn more about the PBCL model, please visit http://www.makinglearningreal.org/.

Client Benefits

  • Custom built applications/simulations to fit your needs
  • Access to talented students with development experience
  • Cost effective solutions for training and instruction
  • Agile processes for flexible development
  • Multi-format implementations and designs

Student Benefits

  • Professional work experience and best practices
  • Learning to work within a creative team setting
  • Real world job skills and personal development
  • Creating portfolio work for future career endeavors
  • Get a step ahead in their coursework and studies

Student Testimonials

  • Being my first time participating in the independent study here at the DII, I have learned so much.  From coding custom controls on web pages, to creating a simple 3D game.  Being able to be present in the lab is an absolute blast.

    16 June 2015,   Dalton Twichell
  • Working in the Digital Innovation Institute lab allowed me to put all of my skills that I learned in the classroom and put them to use in a real world situation.  This opportunity allowed me to make sense of what I was learning.

    16 June 2015,   Randy Holmes
  • While working in the DII, I have been exposed to many different aspects of the IT industry, including Web Design, Programming and Game Design. It has been a fun and valuable experience that has helped prepare me for a real world job after graduation.

    16 June 2015,   Carl Prestel